After all the Bartoons I Submitted…

I only sold one after a few years of trying. Pretty frustrating. Then I ran into a friend who had a screen printing business (Rick Valentine). He suggested I put my cartoon art work on T-Shirts and “Bingo” they were selling! So I said this is where I can sell my art work. Creating T-Shirts. so I wanted to start a T-Shirt business. I wanted Rick to partner up with me but he didn’t want to – wisely. So I started one on my own. Bought some equipment and began to sell T-Shirts. In the beginning it was only me running a little operation out of someone else’s garage (I didn’t have a home of my own at the time. It started to build up to point that I needed a Brick & Mortar Store (This was the 1980’s and no one new about the “Internet”. So from there we increased business to a point of hiring help to get all the work done. First one employee, then two and eventually three. When you open a business of your own there is a lot of work to be done. While I still drew for a while – eventually I had artist doing the work while I had to manage the business side of everything. Pay bills, purchase products and collect money! I miss that end of the business but I still design a few here and there.

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