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I’m going to start writing about the T-Shirt World, My World and how it all came about. A long time ago (I’ve been in business 31 years so that is long ago) I was an aspiring cartoonist. I should say Bartoonist! My college & life long friend Altair Gobo (Yes that is his real name) had an idea to start a cartoon strip about the bar scene of all the things we’ve seen & did. I called it Bartoons. At first it was frustrating trying to get a cartoonist to illustrate our ideas. It forced me to start dabbling in the cartoon art world. I bought some books on cartooning (No they didn’t have Cartooning for Dummies back then) and started to teach myself.  

Of course in the beginning my cartoons were rough and not really professional looking. But over the years they improved. I tried to sell my cartoons to all the big magazines. I only sold one after many years to hustler magazine. Should have framed the check but I was so broke I had to cash it right away. Didn’t think of making a copy.Below is the first Bartoon I ever sold…

Bartoon, old, hag, golf, thinks. drinking, fooling, trouble
Old Hag

As we go on I will show you more of my wild and cray Bartoons and how it all led me into the T-Shirt business

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